Sick of it

Really, this whole SnuffBomb thing is Not going to blow over. And I didn’t expect it to. And I made myself get even more involved with this conflict by making art to insult the “victim” of this conflict.

The reason why I did that, is because, one, I didn’t buy into the whole “Steve is a rapist” thing, two, I was angry at the purposely shitty art to insult SnuffBomb himself. Yes, I admit it was somewhat wrong to fight fire with fire. But I am Not sorry.

I don’t care if she “almost died” or if she told him to stop. I just don’t care about what he did or how it effected her. If SnuffBomb Did do those things. Oh well. Eat my heart out, I don’t care. I will be a fan, I am a fan.

And I don’t care if this seem “heartless”, “cold”, “mean” I don’t care. I don’t even mind all the anons telling me how it’s true. Until it is proven true by people NOT OVER THE INTERNET I won’t be giving two shits about it. And if he Did do those things. Oh well.
I. Don’t. Mind.